Posted by: armmimic | July 14, 2008

Dark Knight

Aww man I’ve been wanting to see The Dark Knight for YEARS!

Lately i’ve stopped checking my e-mail cause i get nothing interesting. So today i decided to check it and got a cryptic email from all it said was HA HA HA HA HA ha HA HA ha HA HA ha HA HA HA ha HA HA HA ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha HA HA ha HA HA HA ha ha ha HA HA ha HA HA HA ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ha HA HA ha HA ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA ha HA HA ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA HA ha ha HA HA HA ha HA HA HA HA ha ha HA ha HA ha HA HA HA HA HA ha ha ha HA HA HA HA ha HA HA HA ha HA HA HA HA ha HA ha

Yeah, so i guess you figured out what i missed. Oh well, atleast i got tickets for IMAX on the 20th, then i can watch it with my friends. THANKS YOKAIS BROTHER!

Posted by: armmimic | July 14, 2008

Unexpected Jinjo

You did not expect this.Nobody expects Jinjo.

Posted by: armmimic | June 27, 2008

I just updated this blog… with honors.

It seems that everything I do, I do it with honors. Today, I took a cold shower… with honors. Yesterday, I went to chris’ and played some brawl, shot some pool, and chilled … with honors. I was incredibly tired… with honors. So today I went to work, I got there kinda late with honors, but all was well… with honors. Khaled pulled out the program that was given out at graduation and pointed out that I had graduated… with honors. This struck me as odd with honors since my average, albeit honorable, was a mere 78-80. The only explanation is that I exude coolness and everything I do gets done… with honors.

Yeah so graduation is kind of a big deal. That’s it, it’s over, out, no more. High school – DEAD. You all heard the speeches about “we’re transitioning” and “a new era of our life” and various other babble. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, time doesn’t stay still, so we constantly keep having to move forward. Yeah, that means time is over, if you had unfinished business in tech, too bad. You cannot pay that kid back anymore (unless you know him/her personally), you cannot make new friends from school anymore (sorry, now you make friends in college), and you definitely cannot download HW from this site anymore. That’s why most of you even came to this blog, so this blog is kinda… dead. I guess even the school category should be obsolete now haha. Well congrats grads, guess you deserved it.

Yeah, i’m at work right now, it’s break time so I quickly wrote up this piece. Khaled is being cheap (CAG if you know what that is) as usual, and we both gotta start working on our own little projects any minute now. If any of you are reading this, good job. Oh i think we’re gonna keep the homeworks posted up, just for old timey’s sake. In twenty years you can come back and be like “damn, that was the homework? Thank god I didnt have to do it!” and then you’ll thank Quentin. So until i’m free again, later, I gotta finish my project… with honors.

Posted by: armmimic | June 2, 2008


Bentworld is dead. Nobody comes here anymore. We gave you homework, you can’t even give us time! Joking. Joking. But I tell you, go to It’s pretty self explanatory. Also, sign up for


Posted by: armmimic | May 26, 2008

Home Movies

My friend Isa kept talking about this tv show, Home Movies, that used to come on back in the day. So the other day i decided to watch a couple of episodes. I remember watching some episodes way back, but it wasnt funny then. It has kinda dry humor, but it gets really funny the more you watch it. You should really check it out, its a pretty funny tv show about some kids that film ‘home movies’ after school everyday, hence the title. Ofcourse, the plot doesnt revolve around that fact, and most of the show is improvised, giving it a more realistic conversation-type feel. If you’re ever bored check it out, heres the first episode.(Part 1)

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