Posted by: bentworld | April 2, 2008

The Breatherians

Today started out so weird and got more and more strange, but I’m only going to talk about the Breatherians and how i came to learn about them. Like any normal day, I came to school extremely late, 9:30 to be exact. I was late because I had to pick up a few 1/2 inch binders from Target for me and Joel to complete the project from hell for Mr. Rodriguez. I have advanced weight lifting and It was great. Working out relieves a lot of stress, believe it or not. I cut my 4th(English) and 5th(Math) period classes in order to complete the project in Mr. Connell’s room. I stayed there during my lunch period and I would of stayed 7th period but he closed the room. Whatever the project was completed, lemme get to the Breatherians.

I was reading over someone’s shoulder during 4th period and I found this interesting and stupid at the same time.

What is a Breatherian? Refers to a being who does not eat but draws nourishment directly from the atmosphere.

This has to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard of. There is a 78 year old man in Indonesia that claims to have never eaten a day in his life and that he feeds off the suns rays. There aren’t many Breatherians that exist, and some Breatherians have been found dead(obviously because they haven’t eaten). I don’t suggest you try this Scientology nonsense, Tom Cruise is an idiot and shouldn’t be followed.

Anyways, on another 5 dollar music giveaway. (I know the names of the songs are obvious, believe me) Can someone please give me the name of the song in this video?



  1. BREATHERIANS LOL. GTFO. At first, I thought you were gonna talk about jellyfish.

  2. ichigeki break part mix =) by DJTEE

  3. loll i read the same article on breatharians on it seemed ridonkalous to me

  4. the word ridonkalous is ridonkalous… o.o

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