Posted by: bentworld | March 31, 2008

What the eff am I doing?


“I’d like to see that” – Shirley Phang.

That single comment has driven me crazy over this weekend, like literally crazy. I was talking to her about how when I was younger, I had straight hair (Believe it or not, i did). Well I promised her that i’d make it straight just to prove it, and I did =D. Well anyways, with prom coming along and my promise to completely change myself for the entire peacock effect, I’m going to do exactly that. So I straightened it and I was going for the Korean pop-star haircut because I do have my Korean roots. I’ve also been thinking about actually getting it dyed and getting a few ear piercing on my left ear but they may be a bit too crazy. Who knows. This brings me to the main point of my article, It’s senior year! Have fun with the time you have left. You know after high school and college you will never be able to do the things you could of done now. Life will be boring, lets face it. You will have little kids that’ll make you wanna kill yourself. So lets have some fun!

This is the hairstyle that I went with. (how did I pull it off? Who knows.)


PS – Aida is selling a lesportsac bag and a hollister hoodie, sold together or seperately. She didn’t really clue me in on the style or the type they were but who wouldn’t want something from lesportsac and hollister? If you’re interested please feel free to comment this post and i’ll contact you with more information.=D



  1. Dye your hair blonde! And get tongue piercing! Oh and green tips! And grow a beard/moustache so you have a shred of manliness left.

  2. I love love love Lee Junki’s voice. He could be reading the weather report in Korean and it would still be sexy.

  3. You finally update! GLORIOUS!

  4. somehow you dont look at all like him….

    the hair was nice though when you straightened it XD

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