Posted by: bentworld | March 28, 2008

Need prom date!


It’s pretty much April and the end of senior year is quickly approaching. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but everyone is in a rush to find a prom date including myself. BUT! If you want to attend an awesome event such as the school prom, your grades must be adequate because from what I’ve heard, a failure in any class disqualifies you(which is retarded). I’d like to take a second to give out advice when asking a girl out to the prom.

  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
    • Basically don’t dedicate all your time to one girl, she may say no.
    • If she does say no, who cares. She doesn’t know what she’s missing. Ask that other girl!
  • Grow some cojones(balls)
    • Girls like a guy with confidence and courage, so make it happ’n cap’n.
    • If you’re really freaked out, use the 5 second rule!
      • 5 second rule – within 5 seconds of seeing her, approach and ask. otherwise you will psyche yourself out by procrastinating.
  • Make like a peacock!
    • Be unique, be it different clothing, or having an interesting non-bland personality.
      • Just so I don’t seem like a hypocrite, I’m going to dress completely weird from now on.
  • Get a job
    • proms are freaking expensive.


P.S. – My friend Guo Long is selling his Apple Ipod Touch for $200. I examined it myself and it’s in nearly perfect conditions with the same screen protector it was packaged with.



  1. lol can you help me sell my lesportsac bag and/or hollister hoodie (never worn) i ❤ you

    PS ASK HER TO PROM AND GET IT OVER WITH. lol word about the 5 second rule, i find thats true with so many things in life, that’s why i’m so impulsive sometimes. kudos to charles for directing me onto this site =)

  2. PS sometimes i forget you’re black. actually most of the time i forget loll (i just watched the scrubs clip from the last post)

  3. lol, im not only black, i like to think of myself as a tanned korean =D

  4. Hey…
    That’s funny
    I think of myself as a tanned cracker

  5. LAWL!

    what’s up with that picture of you? that is just not right…

  6. there’s a website for that now…..

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