Posted by: bentworld | February 20, 2008

It’s been awhile!

So yeah, as the title says, “It’s been awhile!”. I gotta admit it, senioritis has nearly taken complete control of me. But, I do have a few excuses up my sleeves though. The first and foremost excuse for not doing Mr. Connell’s homework is because my group is working on producing a few movies and because of this he has given us an extension. Why am I not doing Mr. Wachovsky’s homework? Simple answer, he’s an idiot =D and I can no longer conform to doing his homework. As for Mr. Kahn, I’m not even in his class anymore lol; so stopa asking me to do his homework. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a great break and I’m also hoping everyone does well on there CUNY COMPASS test, if you have no clue what im talking about feel free to send an instant message to either quentinrj2006 or youmebobby.

P.S. – Since I’ve let senioritis set in, I’ve had the opportunity to see a handfull of movies, I’m not going to write a long review on them but i’ll give them a ranking and suggest to you whether or not you should download the torrent.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – OMFG MY BFF JILL! when this movie comes out on April 18th, you must see it. It will literally leave you in pain from all the funny scenes. I had the opportunity to watch a free screening two months in advance so go me!

breakdown: 5/5

I Am Legend – Erm, I want my money back. The first 20 minutes will leave you in awe, it’s pretty cool to see what new york would look like if no one inhabbited it. the remaining hour and 20 minutes will leave you wanting to stab yourself in the eye. I mean it wasn’t horrible but it was definitely horrible.

breakdown: 3/5

Juno – Who knew you could poke fun at teen pregnancy! I wasn’t completely in love with this movie but it is definitely worth the download or better yet a casual date. There wasn’t a point in time where I was bored, this is truely a great movie and should be watched asap.

breakdown: 4/5

Jumper – How about we flip a coin? I thought the entire concept of teleporting wherever you wanted around the world was awesome. He uses his ability to become rich and get the girl. I loved it, but then again my friends who watched it with me weren’t so crazy about it. I think it’s worth the $11 to go check it out.

breakdown: 4/5

Walkhard – Another movie with the fat kid! Every movie with the fat kid from Superbad seems to turn to gold. This one made me laugh until I had no more oxygen in my lungs. If you liked, “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, “Superbad”, and “Knocked Up”; you’ll love this movie.

breakdown: 5/5

I watched about 10 other movies, but im far too lazy to write anymore! have fun!



  1. senioritis has NEARLY taken complete control of you ehh? lol, who are u kidding? come on, u’ve spent more time making ur costumes for senior pride day than u have doing hw for this entire term…

  2. The alternate ending for I AM LEGEND was released on DVD. However, it was leaked online, and it makes SO much more sense than the original ending. It’s not SO good, but makes perfect sense, and goes along with the rest of the movie, and adds a twist. Its still not like the book though.

    Heres the link:

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