Posted by: bentworld | January 17, 2008


Today I received my acceptance decision from Baruch, which I actually wasn’t very hopeful for because I have quite a crappy average. I sat there staring at the letter for about 5 minutes, just wondering if I should even open it. Well I opened it, and the first line read, “Dear Quentin, I am excited to inform you that you been accepted to Baruch College for the fall 2008 semester!” by this time I was freaking ecstatic, believe me when I say that my ceiling now has a hole in it from me jumping up so high. Then I read on, “In addition to your acceptance, your outstanding academic achievement and potential has earned you a full-tuition scholarship.” I turn the page over and it says, “I will accept a seat in the Baruch Honors Program as a Baruch Scholar for Fall 2008.” I freaking exploded with joy, and said what the f**k. Happy because It was free, and “wtf” because I didn’t even apply to Baruch honors(no recs/no essay) . Anyways, this is the end of my post and I know its not some great accomplishment, but hey I’m happy.



  1. OMG this is like a dream come true! Although I congratulated you on AIM, I think my congratulations should be broadcasted on this blog so CONGRATULATIONS! and this is like realllysuperduperawesomecool! I can’t wait for my acceptance letter! or rejection lol, hopefully not! hope you get more of that luck comin your way~!

  2. How Big was your Boner?

  3. Congrats. I checked the CUNY website yesterday and they said that they don’t have my transcript. >:O. What the hell is wrong with the college office.

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