Posted by: bentworld | January 14, 2008

Why do we laugh?


I just read the title, and now I’m thinking that you’re thinking that I’m going to write a post about the reasons people laugh.. I’m not. What I’m going to talk about are the people we call dwarfs, midgets, little people,  and munchkins . What about them do we find are so funny. I mean, if you saw a midget in a room, you surely wouldn’t laugh but we always joke about them. I guess we laugh at them because we couldn’t imagine our own lives as a midget. Everyday things would be ridiculously difficult. Take cooking for instance, I consider the highest authority of microwave cooking but for a midget, how the hell would he/she even be able to press the popcorn setting of the microwave. Regardless of their height, they’re normal people and you gotta love them. I was supposed to be studying for my precal final but the subjects of midgets interested me SO much that I decided to do some research. First question I had was, how does someone qualify as a midget? The answer I found using was 4’10” (So many people in Brooklyn Tech are midgets LOL). There are also over 200 different types of midgets, but I’m going to discuss the two most common ones.

Achondroplasia – Most common type affecting over 70% of little people. They have normal intelligence and an average lifespan. They’re disproportionate with average trunks and short limbs. They have large heads and prominent foreheads. People affected by this type of dwarfism have an average high of 4’0″.

Hypochondroplasia – This type of dwarfism is commonly overlooked because it is the most “normal” looking of the dwarfs. They average between 4’6″-5’5″ in men and 4’2″-4’11” in women.

Kekek, watch him go!


  1. damn i’m readin this at 1AM and i find out i qualify as a hypochondroplasia

  2. To quote Ahmed Shahir: “I’m afraid of midgets… they’re always mad because everybody looks down on them”

  3. “(So many people in Brooklyn Tech are midgets LOL)” ROFLMAO ROFLMAO, we got SO MANY shortt people, mostly asians Xd, Xd , Xd.
    I think im going to be late to Mungalsinghs =(.

  4. Ooh close, just one inch from being considered a dwarf.

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