Posted by: bentworld | January 11, 2008

Day of rest

I’m going to keep this post really short because I’m dead tired. I’m not doing any of the homeworks tonight because It’s 8 o’clock and I just got home. I was at ping-pong club which is really awesome, if you’re thinking about joining you should next term! As for the project for Mr. Mungel and Mr. Connell, I’ll do them over the weekend. night!

P.S. – I know its no actual feat but, I passed my bench press test, 170lbs yay! Oh yeah before I forget, check out this site that Artem was telling me about, Basically its like an online limewire except with direct downloads. Remember, I don’t condone piracy and theft =P.



    This may help clear any confusion….


    This link must be clicked.

  3. Wait a minute…

    Check it:

  4. I say,

  5. I want to link you to a certain site, but wordpress is marking it as spam…


  7. There you go, haha this is all I thought about when i read the post

  8. p?n=2380367

    I hope this works, but delete the space between ph and p and go to the site

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