Posted by: bentworld | January 7, 2008

So, why me?

It’s 2:18 am and here I am, at my desktop hunched over in my chair trying to figure out what went wrong. In order to figure out what happened I guess I have to start from the very beginning. It was about 8 o’clock and I was well on my way on starting the Rodriguez project. I typed everything up using openoffice. All that was left to do was to put the information onto PowerPoint. Thats where It hit me, the sudden realization that I didn’t have PowerPoint on my computer. I ended up downloading straight from Microsoft’s site, and installing it. Since I did not have a valid key I decided to do something I normally would never do. I went to a serial/cracking site called “” bad move(not directly linking it because that site is the devil!). I mean I consider myself a pretty tech savvy guy who is always preaching about how I don’t have spyware protection and anti-virus software. I guess they do serve there purpose, because as soon as i double clicked my computer when crazy. It injected itself into my aim, perfect world, wmp programs as well as others. I mean, it got to the point where it started deleting all of my icons and it got rid of my system restore points as well as my control panel. I’m just now tackling on the malware, grayware, spyware, and adware on my computer. So, thats why I missed posting up the Rodriguez project. You may think what you want, but this is the truth I didn’t even finish my own project. If anyone can recommend me some good adware/spyware cleaners I’d be grateful for any replies pertaining to that. Thanks again for bearing with me. I’ll leave you with this entertaining video provided by Youtube.


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