Posted by: bentworld | December 23, 2007

gift ideas!

Christmas is right around the corner! With that said, finding a gift is usually a pain in the butt and suck if you’re on a budget. What does he/she like? Well I’m going to go ahead and take the brain work out of this situation with a few gift ideas fitting any type of budget.

Apple’s iTouch


Believe me I hate everything about Apple but, its iTouch is actually a good product. Although it comes with a hefty price tag the money is well spent. Coming in an 8gig and 16gig version. It has all the capabilities of an iPhone except the phone. This is definitely my ultimate Christmas gift.
Price: 8gb-$299/16gb-$399 t-shirts


Everyone loves these t-shirts and why wouldn’t they? With their inexpensive prices, good material, and original shirts. Each shirt was designed and submitted by the public to offer variation. I have a few of these shirts, and I love em. The sale ends at the end of this month so get them quick!

w2z Gaming computer!

I recently traveled down to web2zone for a class project and to look for a hard drive. I ended up finding affordable gaming computers. Armed with nVidia’s 6600gt and a Pentium 4 HT process $250 dollars is a bargain! I only saw about 25 of them when I went, so hurry to Astor Place if you want one.

Nintendo DS w/m3 or r4

Nowadays everyone has a portable gaming device. If you don’t, I suggest the Nintendo DS even though I’m a die hard Playstation fan. The DS is good price wise and with the m3 cartridge you never have to buy another game ever again.

getting lazy soo..
wii – $250
Toblerone chocolate – $.75-$20
High quality chocolate
digital camera – $100-$250
Nowadays everyone is a camera whore, so why not share the fun?
Nokia n95
– $700
This item is awesome!!
nVidia 8600 gt – $150
This is a solid graphic card that can handle most new games
Orange Box – $39.99
5 games for the price of one? enough said.(titles include Team Fortress 2, HL2:Episode 2, Portal, HL2:Episode 1, HL2)



  1. That font in the banner… where is it from?

  2. Dude, there’s a new chip on the block for the ds called the CycloDS Evolution…
    I’m getting it soon (I ordered it on Christmas and it’s out of stock with a new shipment coming 1/3).I may or may not rate it when i get it. It’s supposedly the only chip able to support ds download play for mariokart DS…
    *is excited*
    It’s only $53.00 on

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