Posted by: bentworld | December 21, 2007

Tech Wrestling VICTORY!

My throat was sore and I had completely lost my voice among 200+ spectators. Chants of “Pin! Pin! Pin!” completely filled the gymnasium. Panda a 5’8 Asian lifts and smashes a beast among men(6’1 black) to the mat and pins him instantaneously. Yesterday at 5:24pm I was completely in a state of disbelief and amazement while watching the tech match v. Automotive. I was in disbelief because I could not believe that I didn’t join the tech wrestling. I was shocked by what I saw, once small guys walking by me in the hallways were now raging warriors. The tech wrestling team was started up by John and the captain of the team is Henry. But back to the actual wrestling match, guys were getting pinned within 30 seconds of the match. The match was a complete blowout with 62-18, giving tech its 2nd win, leaving tech with a 2-2 record. Everyone of our guys performed phenomenally and I’ll definitely be attending the next match.



  1. this post was really good, makes me want to see the next wrestling match

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