Posted by: armmimic | December 18, 2007

Does the Holiday Season Inspire Crime?!


It gets dark early this time of year, so not many people are out. The cold is another factor that causes most people to stay indoors. Only few people are out, and a lot of them have money of course, it’s the holiday season. And when these people are out, they have so many things on their minds (the cold, the time, where there going) that they rarely pay attention to their surrounding.

This is the ideal time for a criminal.

Robbery, muggings, and theft. Watch out. Not everybody is jolly this time of year. This is the time of year where one should be on the lookout. The heavy clothing also provides a disguise and a place to hide weapons for potential assailant. Of course not everyone is a criminal, but one should always be prepared. Crime never stops, and it never has to be violent either. Here are some safety tips.

Safety Tips:

1. Travel with a bud- This can help, but you still have to be weary.

2. Travel light- Don’t flaunt your iPod Touch, cash or brand new cell phone. As a matter of fact, bring only things you need.

3. If you smell danger AVOID IT- It’s not right to judge people, but sometimes you just have to. If you see 12 guys silently staring at you, WATCH OUT.

4. Travel in relatively populated areas- An assailant wants an easy target.


If you are caught up in something:

1. If the assailant has a weapon DONT RESIST – It’s not worth your life.

2. Call for help– If you were robbed, call for help immediately.

3. TRY TO RUN- The assailant expects you to resist a little, so trying to flee for your safety won’t get him as mad. But cursing and kicking would. If you ABSOLUTELY know you can beat him, then go ahead but NEVER try otherwise.

There are good people out there, but watch out for the flaws in our society, if this ever happens to you, the BEST TIP is to USE YOUR BRAIN.

But violent crimes aren’t the only ones to watch out for! Identity theft and fraud is dangerous as well! Make sure everything you buy is secure and there is no way someone can steal your information! And be sure not to buy illegal contraband! But fear not! Winter isn’t all that bad, so don’t be afraid; all I ask of you people is to be SAFE.

Happy Holidays.




  1. hehe #2, gaybran once flaunted his cash at some drones…they hunted him down after he left the mcdonald’s

  2. yo yo ill sell u bodyguard Servicess sheitt.

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