Posted by: bentworld | December 9, 2007

The mystery of love

What am I doing wrong? Why doesn’t he/she like me? Does she like me? I’m sure nearly everyone has asked these questions at some point in their life. Since I’m a guy im going to address this portion of my blog to guys.

The Nice Guy – So you walk her to all her classes and do favors for her left and right, only to realize she doesn’t like you the same way you do. This would have to be the most common type of guy, the typical tech-head as it were. The expression, nice guys finish last is definately true most of the time. I’m not an expert on love, but this is my analysis of the “nice guy”. The “nice guy” will basically do whatever he can to please the girl he likes because he hopes that she’ll realize that he likes her. They spend time listening to her problems and giving her advice. They go places like the movies, but only as friends. Then the day comes, that she tells the “nice guy” about some amazing guy in her life and he’s crushed but doesn’t show it. He does this because he’d rather keep her as a friend, then lose her forever.

The breakdown: There is nothing wrong with being a nice guy, please don’t interpret the following as that. The problem is that if you like a girl, chances are someone else does too. So, she is always meeting “nice guys” all the time. What let’s her know that she means something to you? Nothing. Now I’m not saying that pouring your feelings out and getting all emo will do the trick, it wont. In fact it would probably repell her and freak her out. What I’m saying is, instead of always being the “nice guy”, you can muster up some courage and actually let her know you’re interested.

The Jerk – He’s the biggest douchebag in your school, always walking around the hallways talking trash and no one really likes him. Yet, he has a trail of girls tending to his every whim. It really doesn’t matter how he treats her, she always goes back to him. He’s the guy that ends up cock blocking the “nice guys” girl.

The breakdown: We’ve all seen this guy, so how does he do it? Well for starters, he has distinguished himself from the usual suspects. Guys like this have a lot of confidence, charisma, and spontaneity. They aren’t all lovey lovey and don’t project there feelings very often, which is actually a quality girls that I’ve spoken to like. I don’t necessarily agree that being a jerk will solve your girl problems but I think that the qualities of confidence and less showing of feelings are key.



  1. yeah, girls like guys who are engaging and fun to be around

  2. We’ll actually, Quentin is right fellas. WE shouldnt resort to becoming a jerk to get the girl we like, we should just be ourselves.

  3. i like pie

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