Posted by: armmimic | December 2, 2007

MySQL Project

As of now, we are at Web2Zone filming a video for our database project. I’m here with quentin, david, joel, stanley, and marvin. We’ve been here for about an hour and a half and we got about 15 seconds of footage done. This might take awhile, but I’m hoping we finish early because i want to go to foot locker later. We have a coupon that’s 40% off if its $100 or more. This might get ugly, cause so far the day hasn’t been good, the damn SAT IIs sucked. I found the Math II easier than the Math I, and physics was mad weird. To top it off, I had to wait an hour for anyone to get to Web2Zone while i needed to piss bad! I have to film now. Show you the video later….if we finish.

P.S. – This is Quentin and I’m just adding on to what Mr. Armmimic has already spoken about. I’ll be posting a clip of it probably today, which is Sunday. It’s 6:47am, and I’ve been editing this thing since 11:30pm yesterday. I love all nighters, they make me realize I’m an idiot for choosing a video presentation instead of a power point. Along with the normal video, there were plenty of bloopers and I’ll be posting that on Youtube as well. Thanks for reading, I hope your day was better then ours. lol.

Everyone that made this happen: Joel, Hannan, Quentin, David, Marvin, Stanley, and that… Alex guy? maybe? who knows?

and the promised bloopers…



  1. Which one was Alex? Herd he was mad OP

  2. it was lame until joel said “Man i need to poop” =D

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