Posted by: bentworld | November 24, 2007

Battle of the mp3 Players


    I’ve never been a fan of the mainstream, meaning I hate iPods with a passion but it’d only be fair to compare it with other mp3 players. The Contenders for title of “Best mp3 Player” are Apple’s new iPod Classic(160GB), Zen’s sleek Vision:m(60GB), Microsoft’s awesome Zune(80GB).

    iPod Classic – Easily the most popular of the three by far. Although I deeply hate Apple, the classic wins the storage competition, boasting your choice of an 80GB or 160GB of storage. Since it’s an iPod, it can only be used with iTunes, which to me is a negative. The 160GB can only be used for storing music, pictures and Videos. The design of the Classic is similar to the other iPods you’ve come to love and has a pretty decent sized screen, at 2.5-inch color display. It comes in only black and white, who would of guess it? The last crappy part about the Classic is the interface. The interface is basically a vertical split screen, and unless you have the album art for all your albums, you’ll be left with hundreds of unidentifiable squares. More info here.

    Zen Vision:m – I personally had high hopes for Zen’s Vision:m to thwart Apple’s attempt at world domination but it seems to be lacking. It also has the same size screen as the Classic. The Vision:m is significantly pricier than it’s fellow mp3 brethren for its relatively low storage of 60GB. It can play video and audio like the other two and has FM radio and can function as an external hard drive which is nice(Take that iFags jk jk). For those who like to customize your things, this unfortunately only comes in black. The interface of the Vision:m was much easier and nicer to navigate then the Classic. More info here.

    Microsoft Zune – When it comes to the 80GB mp3 players, the Zune is going to give you the most bang for your buck. Not only does the price scream “BUY ME” but it also has the largest screen of the three, with its 3.2-inch color display. What makes the Zune different from the others is its wireless features. For example, your friend has that new awesome song you heard on the radio this morning, and you want it! With the Zune, he can send it to you, right then and there without the use of a computer. It also has the FM Radio feature that the Zen Vision:m employed, and certainly you can’t forget all the fruity colors to choose from.The Zune is my personal pick, and I’ll be picking it up for Christmas. More info here.

    Here is a simple chart that can help you in your personal comparison of the products.

    Name iPod Classic Zen Vision:m Microsoft Zune
    Storage Capacity 160GB 60GB 80GB
    Price $349 $299 $249
    Display 2.5-inch 2.5-inch 3.2-inch
    Battery Life(hrs) 40audio/5video 17audio/5video 30audio/4video
    Dimensions(inches) 4.1 x 2.4 x .53 4.1 x 2.4 x .87 4.2 x 2.4 x .50
    Weight(ounces) 5.7 6.9 4.5
    Features 6/10 8/10 7/10


    1. iPod Touch ftw.

    2. i like the MEIZU

    3. IMHO, Sansa is closing in on the iPOD.

    4. zens are the suck

    5. I have a Zune 1.0 with the latest Zune software but my device refuses to upgrade its firmware.

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