Posted by: armmimic | November 20, 2007

Welcome to the Social


Xanga. A few years back, that word was always preceded by the words “What’s your….” Nowadays, it’s usually preceded by either “Who still has a…” or “what the F*** is a….” These things happen. Social and internet fads come and go. Just as bentworld wrote about emo-azation, I am writing about Social Network jumping.

I don’t know the exact timeline of the social networking sites, but i do know a couple of them. always promised you to meet up with your old buddies. Xanga allowed you to edit a personal page. With the advent of Web 2.0, social networking sites took on a whole new role than just simply adding friends or editing your webpage.

Myspace debuted in 2003, and as of now, it has over 200 million accounts. MySpace took the internet by storm, as it had more hits than even Google. “A place for friends” MySpace calls itself, and it isn’t lying. With so many people on MySpace, it was easy to find friends, and new people joined every day. MySpace also allowed you to customize your site, but it made it safe, and easy to use. Also, MySpace appealed to the masses because it allowed artists and musicians to make unique accounts. MySpace was what every kid and his buddy had to have, and Google’s Orkut didn’t stand a chance.

Whilst MySpace was building its reputation, a new website was formed for a new purpose- connecting bored college students. On February 4, 2004, launched, allowing all students in Harvard College to sign up. Soon, any student with a college email address could sign up. As popularity grew, high schools and businesses were given access as well. Facebook was new, it let users connect easily and it made it FUN. On September 11, 2006 Facebook was open to anyone with an email address. Lo and behold, people joined, some forever leaving MySpace behind. Facebook seems to have it all, such as Applications to have a little fun. It also provides a marketplace, and it makes it really easy to find friends. Not only is Facebook a gem of a social networking site, it is also a gem of a script. Facebook’s applications and general GUI is heavy on making it easier for the user, which may be its selling point.

Sure there are many Social Networking sites that come in between these two giants, anyone remember Sconex? Sconex probably didn’t last long because it was aimed mostly at High School kids, but I personally think it was a failure anyway. There is a whole list of Social Networking sites here.

Do you have a MySpace? Do you have a Facebook? Which do you use more often? Most probably your answer is Facebook. I don’t have an expert analysis on why people like Facebook now, but I think its just one of those social changes like how skateboarding is cool now, or how people used to cover their belts with long shirts, but now the belt has to show, or else.

Another important question to ask is “what’s next?” What other Social networking sites are there? Where will everyone be when Facebook seems to get boring? I don’t really know, but i do know that other companies are hard at work trying to get you to join their network. Google’s OpenSocial allows people to make applications for any site that would allow them, such as MySpace or Friendster. This move is an obvious attempt to get some of the social networking pie after Orkut did not fair as well as Google had hoped. Other sites are under development and give only some people access, using exclusivity as a selling point, such as Pownce.

In the end, it all depends on what you choose, personally, the ol’ phone works best for me.



  1. I am Your GOD!!!!!!!!

  2. So im thinking the next Social Networking site would be called ScrotemX. The logo would be a pair of wizard balls wit ScrotemX written in Testicle Blood on it.

  3. Please, stop posting if you aren’t going to say anything worth listening to.

  4. dude, that little icon you put is from the zelda game!
    I remmeber it would mirror your every move adn the only way to kill it was using arrows, your sword’s beam, or you just hit it with the boomerang and then chuck a bomb at it hahah πŸ˜€

  5. Thats right willie, those things are called armmimics πŸ˜€

  6. Oh my gosh, so thats what ur screen name meant…
    lol, all these years i would see armmimic and i would be like “what a gay sn” but hey if its from zelda then its a good sn, cuz zelda games own.

    Back to the topic though, i personally hate myspace. Always have. I have one just because its a sheer formality. I feel that myspace is more for those 12 year old kids who think they’re cool cuz they got theyre picture on the internet. Just look at myspace’s equivalent to the wall in facebook. Its been nade spammed with advertisements. Myspace is where u go to “compete” about how popular u are, while facebook is more about really connecting with ur “real friends” not the 400 acquaintances u have on myspace just to have ur friend count high.

    however, there are some good points to myspace, such as its music section. Sometimes i even find myself wandering there just to look up new music. However, in the “social networking” aspect, facebook beats myspace hands down.

    As to which social network site i prefer, u only have to see my last login time for each

    Myspace: 3 months ago
    Facebook: 3 minutes ago

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