Posted by: bentworld | November 20, 2007



I’ve been getting lazier and lazier because of school and video games, sorry. Anyways, I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this but… change is coming. Everyday I walk through the halls of tech and I see it. The studded belts, the overly tight sweaters, guys wearing girl pants. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? I mean people are entitled to be/wear whatever they want, but everyone is doing it. I thought emo kids did their best to not conform, when all they’re actually doing is conforming. I’ve also become a sort of victim to this whole trend though. I remember I had a casual style freshmen year. My sophmore year I went into a more ghetto style (ew). With the end of junior year, I started to work out and chose a preppy style of clothing, tighter shirts and the whole nine yards. Finally senior year, I can look down and say I’m honestly wearing a studded belt. My clothes are tighter then they’re supposed to be, and pants are tighter then they should be. I’m not a full fledged emo, but if this progress continues, i should be infected with the emo virus in months. Go away emo kids.. go away.

For those of you, that don’t know what an emo is. I’ve provided this video from YouTube




  2. F U EMOZ!
    Last year u were still listening to Muse Some Mad Geigh song called Black Hoes and Ejaculations.

    Listen to metal and kill all emoz. \m/

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