Posted by: bentworld | November 9, 2007

Frets on FiyaH!


Sorry for not updating the blog as much as I should be but I gotta say it, life right now is freaking hectic. So far times likes these I’ve recruited the help of computer games, namely “Frets On Fire”. Every so often(in my opinion, not often enough), a good free game comes out. Even less often, a free game comes out that you actually think that you would pay money for. Recently, home brew games and projects have been good enough to gain a following and a serious team that keeps the game worth playing. It’s basically Guitar Hero for the computer and is played using the keyboard. Sounds retarded at first but if you gave it a chance, i’m sure you’d be skipping school/work to play it. I’ve seen two particular blends of the game, the first is the plain boring FoF. The second is the stylish GH FoF mod which is the version I got the banner picture from. The cool thing about this game is that you can actually download the original songs from GH1, GH2, and GH3 and import them to FoF. Getting these songs, does require knowledge of torrents though.

Download/Play the normal looking version by:
1. Frets on Fire v1.2.512 here

Download/Play the compatible GH FoF mod by:
1. installing Frets on Fire v1.2.451 here
2. GH mod here

GH3 song pack:
1. download the torrent from here
2. extract them to the songs folder


  1. Another thing to add: you can find tons of songs that have been FOFed by people online. I currently have a huge library of FOF songs that I downloaded on BT as a huge file (3.4 gigs). If anyone wants them, talk to Mr. Bentworld and give him some dvds….

  2. dude? you have 3.4 gigs of songs ??? lucky

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