Posted by: bentworld | November 3, 2007

The Global Fight?!


Alright so you’ve heard of the issue of Global Warming but do you really understand the danger of it? All of us are wrapped up in our own problems but, what we should really be focused on is the problem that will affect us all. I’m not a spokesman for the NAS(National Academy of Science) but I was inspired by this video entitled, “How It All Ends” to at least spread word about the issue. Global Warming is inevitable but the speed at which it happens is reversible. You may be thinking “who cares if it gets a bit hotter”, if it were just the extra heat then it wouldn’t be a problem; there is a lot more to Global Warming then the heat. What we should be afraid of is the destabilization of the Earth’s climate because of it.

Global Warming will cause:

  • floods
  • droughts
  • hurricanes
  • wildfires
  • dust bowls
  • famines
  • health epidemics
  • refugees
  • resource wars
  • economic collapse

What can I do to help? :

  • recycle
  • buy more energy efficient products
  • use public transportation if possible
  • spread the word

This problem is quickly approaching and will start being evident within the next few decades. I am not on a campaign to try to scare the public into fixing the problem but ask yourself this, “Do you really want to live on this kind of world, a hell on Earth?”. There really isn’t much you can do by yourself but by spreading around the word of this problem “we” together can slow it down and make the world a more pleasant place for our children and us to live. If you have one legacy, let it be a legacy for a better tomorrow.



  1. There are technological solutions to this problem but, as with many of the entrenched problems in the world, they really rely on all nations getting their political act together. Most won’t in time to prevent the escalation of weather change. When the chaotic weather systems start to hit home then the translocation of lives will require sophisticated political processes to prevent massive violence. Our real question, how do we all get in form for that? When we answer that one, we have an answer for every social and geological problem that besets us.

  2. Yep, this is actually a really important issue. However, only a few of us seem to have concern about the issue. And even fewer try to do something about it. Why is this the case? Maybe its because it isn’t affecting our lifestyle now? Maybe its because it seems as if its something that cant be controlled? Or maybe, put simple, we just don’t care?

    Whatever the case may be, something has to be done. And i don’t think its gonna be the next big discovery thats gonna fix it, but the little things EVERYONE does to try to slow it down. Qman put forth measures that can be taken that, with a united effort, may just be enough to save humanity for generations to come. Either that or we better start looking for other planets to live on.

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