Posted by: bentworld | November 1, 2007

Is invisibility far off?


I was browsing through engadget and I came across this article about invisible tanks. According to the site, the British Army is currently working on technology that makes troops and vehicles invisible. I took this straight from the site “The illusion was reportedly created by utilizing “cameras and projectors to beam images captured from the surrounding landscape onto a specially-adapted tank coated with silicon to maximize their reflective qualities,” and if things go as planned, these elusive machines could make their way onto the battlefield “within five years.” I’m not sure if I feel completely comfortable with this type of technology being developed so soon. Think about what could happen if this technology got into the wrong hands… like pervert gaining access to Victoria’s Secret’s changing rooms.. thinking again, I may be very comfortable with this technology. jk

For more information on the invisibility technology, click here.



  1. Do not worry Qman, to combat invisible tanks, we have the second amendment! The right to ARM BEARS!

  2. Yes, because we can own tanks with pistols >.<
    I think we would have a better chance against the invisible troops. Just listen to their footsteps and BOOM, 1 deag them in the face

  3. no worries as soon as it getss around there will be invisible wars. the real losers will be cnn.. nothing to film or reporthey

  4. lol, thats a very good point lol

  5. They can always show a talking head with bombs bursting in air, fox is crafty, they will always sneak in their views where when their is news going on.

  6. Oh brother, the military sure can think of really stupid ways to waste money. Why don’t they just make robot tanks and robot soldiers. That is easier than invisibility that doesn’t work in rain or snow or if a talcum powder bomb is dropped on a field lol.

  7. if i was invisible, i would do all sorts of things!

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