Posted by: bentworld | October 30, 2007

Tech Traditions


Tech has a long line of academic traditions, we simply strive for greatness… sure. What makes tech different from most other High Schools though is the social aspect. What ever happened to Freshmen Friday? I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never actually seen anything happen. What I really want to see though, is a senior prank and I’m not talking about replacing your friend’s pencil with a pen… ha ha (I’ve seen this done) but an epic, perfectly thought out prank that is on the scale of oceans 11 or something. If someone doesn’t do it this year, then I’ll do it myself. My friend Pias back in middle school told me a very true fact, “some people may remember a smart guy or a nice guy but, everyone remembers a dumb ass”. Please post your senior prank ideas, and maybe I’ll do one of them if you are too afraid 😛

P.S. – Thats not even a picture of a Brooklyn Tech graduation, I just googled for the picture and saw an “azn” with a white guy, which fit very well. lol



  1. Get a skateboard, decorate it to look like a giant cockaroach, sit at a table in lunch, sneak it under the table and roll it out. For extra effect, tie a string to said cockaboard, and to self, run around the lunch room screaming. GG NO RE.

  2. LOL!! Thats definitely a candidate

  3. Buy these:

    Then let them loose at the salad bar.

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