Posted by: bentworld | October 28, 2007


I finally got one of these blog things. I would of went with Xanga but i found that it was too asian, so i went with a wordpress. It’s 3:12 and I only just finished my college essay yay! Only to find that Stony Brook doesn’t require an essay but whatever. Do you believe in karma? I dont really know myself but I lost 200 dollars last week which sucked a**. That in turn left me poor forcing me to go to Daniel’s house which I might say is friggin awesome. I’ve never been in a household like that, It was quite entertaining to see how a normal family interacted. Well it’s late so im out. but i’ll leave you with this video featuring white castle’s kumar that I found hilarious!

“The Avon Lady”


  1. n_n I just wanted to comment.

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