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We’ve Moved to

Yeah, as the title says, we’ve moved to bookmark it 🙂

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Feel better about yourself

Often times, when i’m feeling down and I want to feel better about myself, I go to this site.

I’m sure some people need this reassurance. Various people who, say, got punched in the face, didn’t quite get the job they wanted, got their head farted on, got fired from the lowly job they DID have or if they suck at brawl.

For those people, here, click this link, it will reassure you as well.

Remember, you are mighty…

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Nintendo E3

Yo man, it just keeps getting worse!

Nintendo can’t top what they did in 2004. They introduced a new spokesman, Reggie Fils-Aime, some new info about the DS ( which hadn’t come out yet), and a lot of games.  When it was just about to finish, they showed a trailer, with crazy good graphics. Turned out to be a new Zelda, and the crowd went W-I-L-D!

This year, they just talked about spin off games and multi-platform games. Then they talked about casual games. Then when it was about to finish, they showed Wii Music. And the crowd grew silent.

Seriously, so far E3 has been no good. For nintendo, the big hitters were Spore Creatures, GTA: Chinatown wars, Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades for DS, and COD 5, Ray Man Raving Rabbids. Star Wars: the Clone Wars for Wii. In conclusion, useless stuffs.

Nothing about storage or new games such as Kid Icarus. Waiting for Sony now.

Khaled and I as we watched the conference.

Khaled and I as we watched the conference.

By the way, thats EXACTLY what the conference was.

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E3 Media and Business Summit

E3 is on!
E3 is an age old convention that displays all the cool games and systems in all their glory. Recently E3 has been downsized, but it still shows off some great news for electronic media enthusiasts.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced some crazy new details concerning Fable 2 and Resident Evil 5, and also a UI upgrade. But the show stealer was Square Enix announcing that Final Fantasy XIII is no longer a PS3 exclusive. Thats right folks, 360 gets FFXIII.

Today is Sony and Nintendo’s press conference. Let’s hope some crazy new info is announced in both conferences.

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